All proceeds benefit the Headwaters Conservation effort


Where does the Regatta money go?

Every year proceeds from the Spirit of the Lake are used to promote the sustainability mission of Infinite West, a Grand County based not-for-profit. Last year supporters and participants of the Regatta raises over $3800 for various sustainability efforts in the Rocky Mountains!

Funds from the 2016 Regatta were used to help the Grand County Water Information Network in their efforts to educate local students about watersheds, ecological systems and headwaters conservation.

Funds will be used to provide transportation for field studies for the following programs:

“We believe there is a strong need to ensure that the next generation is prepared to become stewards of our natural resources.”

“There is a need for them to recognize the importance of watershed conservation and also to see opportunities available to attend college and study science.”

– Jane Tollett,  Former Director of GCWIN

Watershed Week

Watershed Week aims to promote practical application and reinforcement of skills learned in the classroom and ties in with the school’s science curriculum. On these week-long programs, approximately 400 6th, 7th and 8th grade students explore watershed issues relating to where their water comes from, where their waste-water goes and how it is treated before discharge to the river, and how important each level of the food web is to aquatic life. They will also observe how environmental stewardship and management is dependent on many fields including science, math, social studies and language arts.

Bug Week

Bug Week is aimed at 10th grade students studying Biology, and is taught by environmental professionals and volunteers.  Approximately 100 students receive in-class instruction on stream ecology, biological monitoring and benthic macroinvertebrate life. At the end of the week they spend the day in the field performing various chemistry, hydrology and biological analyses in their individual stream sections. Students then use the data they collect to put together reports on the health of sections of the watershed at their sampling sites.

GCWIN has been providing these programs since 2013 and they are considered part of the curriculum.

Additional contributions can be made via Infinite West (attn: GCWIN Education Programs) | PO Box 1955 | Granby, Colorado 80446 | www.infinitewest.org

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